September 10, 2007

2007 TdFR - History of the Tour - Part I

The Unauthorized History of the Tour de Front Range - The Beginning

It all started a few short years ago when a few men had a dream of creating a ride that would ensnare the senses, capture the spirit, and demand the utmost respect from riders that dare take on their challenge. Their challenge was known as the Tour de Front Range.

In part one of this unauthorized history of the TdFR; we visit the roots of this epic event held every September.

During the summer of 2004, two men (Kyle and Stu) sat in a living area and drank beer. A lot of beer. As they drank, they began to think about all the great trails at their access. As most dreamers do, they started using their mind's eye to connect those wonderful trails.

Most dreams come up with ideas to find solutions that make things easier and less burdensome. These two had different plans. They began to plan a ride that was not easy. In fact the purpose of this course would be to ride as many trails as they could, while riding as little pavement as possible. Plus, because they were a bit drunk, they wanted the pain factor included in the ride as well.

Those that understand mountain biking, understand why they wanted the pain factor. With pain comes a sense of satisfaction once the pain is over. With this in mind; they planned the first ever Tour de Front Range.

After a long long night of drinking the men decided on the course and went their separate ways.

Tune in next time for Part II of the Unauthorized history of the Tour de Front Range entitled "Then there were three."

Learn more about this urban epic coined "The Tour de Front Range" by visiting the 2007 TdFR forum on TrailCentral.

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